The True/False Film Festival 2004:
A showcase of downtown Columbia and international filmmaking
Exploring fact, fiction, and what lies in between, the True/False Film Festival flickers to life in Columbia, Missouri, the city with the country's oldest journalism school. Championing films that breathe new life into the nonfiction format, the festival features the finest new movies redefining the now-exploding form.

Three days of thrilling nonfiction film call for active, participatory viewing of movies that blur the line between fact and fantasy, documentary and narrative, propaganda and journalism. Dispelling the notion that documentaries are stuffy and dry, the True/False fest will honor lively work that evades easy categorization.

Festivities will unfold at a handful of venues in downtown Columbia — all within easy walking distance from each other — including the 1,200-seat movie palace, the Missouri Theatre; the 300-seat Blue Note nightclub; and the intimate 85-seat Ragtag Cinema. The festival HQ will be Cherry Street Artisan café, home to panel discussions, conversations, and an interactive "video confessional," all free and open to the public. Youth and adult hands-on workshops will fill the weekend and opening night will feature "Reality Bites," a culinary free-for-all in which the area's best restaurants will offer up appetizers from around the world.

Over three days at the end of February, 2005, the T/F Festival will celebrate documentaries and the people who make them — in a community that has long honored extraordinary journalism. We offer you the opportunity to be part of the celebration. Please join us.