American Teen
The true story of high school, told with the narrative and visual flair of a Hollywood film.
An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist
Sneak preview. After attempting to take his own life, Owen Lowery writes a list of 52 things to do as an alternative to suicide and begins to go through them, camera in hand.
Audience of One
God told Richard Gazowsky, pentecostal preacher, to make a $100 million dollar sci-fi epic. This is his story.
Bigger, Stronger, Faster*
LATE ADD! A highly entertaining look at the past, present and future of steroid use in America — with the filmmaker's own family as both guides and guinea pigs.
Work in progress. Unusual access to the lives and loves of those who call the midway home.
Cat Dancers
True love, big cats and shocking revelations fill this bizarrely beautiful tale.
Echoes of Home
Sneak preview. In the Swiss Alps, musical pioneers utilize their ancient singing styles to transport us to our deepest humanity.
Forbidden Lies
Sneak preview. Norma Khouri wrote a best-selling memoir about her best friend's shocking honor killing in her native Jordan — but she's also a compulsive liar whose book may be an audacious hoax.
Girls Rock!
At the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, teenagers learn to turn up the volume, make some noise — and get empowered.
The most gifted journalist of his time, Hunter S. Thompson veered wildly from inspiration to dissolution, and Alex Gibney follows his careening journey.
The Greening of Southie
Sneak preview. The surprising challenges and contradictions of green building in a film that follows the construction of Boston's first LEED-eligible residential tower, built in the city's working class heart.
Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go
Sneak preview. England's worst pre-teen offenders are sent to a school that offers them their only hope before a life in prison.
How I Am
Work in progress. The innermost thoughts of a young autistic man reveals a complex, philosophical soul. Plays with Peter & Ben, about a man and a sheep who leave the flock.
I Think We're Alone Now
Obsessive fans of Tiffany bare their souls in this funny-except-when-it's-gut-wrenching story.
Joy Division
Sneak preview. The true story of the legendary band whose improbable, brief rise may well have resuscitated the dying industrial town of Manchester, England.
Knee Deep
An exploration of an attempted matricide in a small Maine farming village.
Life. Support. Music.
Work in progress. Jason Crigler was a successful New York musician when he collapsed on stage. Doctors said he would never recover but his family never gave up hope.
Sneak preview. An unassuming Spanish bricklayer was also one of the most important anarchists of the 20th century, bankrolling numerous guerrilla groups through his mastery of counterfeiting.
Man on Wire
In this nail-biting, inspirational tale, we get immersed in the world's greatest high-wire exploit ever, as French acrobat Philippe Petit walked from one Twin Tower to the other.
The Man Who Ate Badgers (and other tales from the British Isles)
Sneak preview. Odd tales from the British Isles: A man who specializes in eating roadkill, secret dreams of crane operators, a batty plant-lover, and a look inside a denture factory.
The Mosquito Problem (and other stories)
Sneak preview. With a nuclear power plant, mass murder, mosquitoes — and a past that must be forgotten, Belene, Bulgaria has it all, and this film takes it all in with a sharp eye for absurdity.
The Mother
Work in progress. An exquisitely filmed look at the lives of Russian peasants that plays like the best kind of European art film.
My Mother's Garden
The story of the filmmaker's mom, whose desire to hoard objects has become a dangerous disorder, making it necessary for her family to intervene.
The Order of Myths
Mobile, Alabama has the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in America. It's filled with ritual and, to this day, racially segregated.
Oscar Shorts
All four 2008 Oscar-nominated short documentaries.
Paradise: 3 Journeys in this World
Sneak preview. From a village in Mali to the tomato greenhouse factories of Spain, a young man's journey illustrates the African diaspora.
Please Vote For Me
This hilarious, thrilling, and touching film explores China's democratic reforms through the lens of an intensely fought election to become the monitor for one elementary school class.
Secret Screening (Blue)
Hidden memories and half-truths about the history of a cold Canadian town from the mind of a legendary filmmaker.
Secret Screening (Green)
This film's subject may seem like a homeless man with a funny voice, but he's also a humanitarian who has performed plastic surgery on more than 140,000 Indians with facial deformities.
Secret Screening (Red)
The Iraq War has been a tragedy for most, but not for one merchant who traffics in armored cars.
Shake the Devil Off
St. Augustine Church in New Orleans helped birth jazz and gospel, but even with a fabled history and a charismatic leader, the archdiocese wants to shut it down.
Song Sung Blue
Lightning and Thunder were Milwaukee's greatest Neil Diamond tribute act. Until tragedy struck.
Sons of a Gun
Work in progress. A wry look at a new kind of family — a retired LAPD inspector who takes three schizophrenic men under his wing.
The true tale of a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crash-landed in the Andes, told by the survivors.
Summer Sun Winter Moon
Work in progress. When the St. Louis Symphony commissions a new work commemorating the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark, the composer struggles, until he finds a writer from the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana, who comes on as librettist.
Taxi to the Dark Side
This provocative, Oscar-nominated doc examines a controversial incident where an Afghan taxi driver was shot and killed by U.S. soldiers.
To Have and To Hold
These five beautiful films explore issues of love and loss. Includes My Olympic Summer, Through Fire and Water, Bulletproof Vest, Loss, and One Day.
Very Young Girls
Sneak preview. The average age of entry into prostitution in the US is thirteen. This is the story of some of those girls.
Working Title
Inspired scenes from the working life, including The Tailor, Wood, Shika Shika, 34x25x36, and The Breadmakers.

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