True/False Films

Forgetting Dad
Dir. Rick Minnich & Matt Sweetwood; 2008; 84 min.
Friday, Feb. 27 / 10:30PM / Little Ragtag
Saturday, Feb. 28 / 1:00PM / Windsor

In person: directors Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood

Sneak preview. T/F alum Minnich returns with a deeply personal doc about his father, who after a car accident became "the new Richard." By extension it also serves as a clever allegory about the United States of Amnesia, wherein wind-blown men can remake themselves in an instant. Minnich's crackerjack detective story features a killer twist (and even a small subplot involving the savings and loan debacle), while investigating how his dad, post-accident, became an amnesiac and disinherited his family and started life again. Weaving archival footage with present-day interviews, stylish recreations, animation, and a grand orchestral soundtrack, this gripping film also features a nod to our fest: watch for the director sporting a T/F track jacket at a key moment near the end. (PS)