Attending True/False

We like to think of Columbia as being the very middle of the Midwest.

For one, Missouri is touched by eight states on its perimeter. And Columbia is more or less in the center of Missouri, midway between the state's two major cities, Kansas City and St. Louis, both two hours away. If you're a trucker, you no doubt have buzzed through Columbia on Interstate 70. But if you're not a long-haul driver, getting to Columbia isn't as straightforward as you'd imagine for a place that's the epicenter of the civilized world — and the 252nd biggest city in America.

Like any major festival worth its salt such as Sundance, Telluride, or Venice, getting here is part of the experience. In our case, you will most likely be traversing gentle prairies and rolling hills instead of ascending mountain passes or ferrying across canals.

Modern metropolis that it is, Columbia does boast an airport, namely the Columbia Regional Airport, 10 miles south of town. If you want the novelty of flying into our charming little airport, this is quite doable, but know you'll first need to go through Memphis. Delta Airlines, through its partner Mesaba Aviation, offers semi-frequent flights in and out of Columbia. You'll then need to rent a car, hail a taxi, or hitchhike the 20-minute ride northward into downtown Columbia (all relatively easy to do).

For train buffs, there's a scenic ride from Chicago to La Plata, Missouri, but then you'll have to hitchhike the last hour to Columbia.... So if Columbia Regional doesn't fit your schedule, we'd recommend flying into Kansas City or St. Louis. Timing your trip to land into KC by 7pm or St. Louis by 9pm will enable you to take a painless shuttle to anywhere in Columbia on MO-X.

Once you're here, you'll want to situate yourself close by downtown Columbia, which is bounded by the University of Missouri to the south and Stephens College on the east. Part of the True/False experience is immersing yourself in pedestrian-friendly, small-town life. And if you like to bike, we bet our official cyclery, Klunk's Bicycles (573-874-0090), will rent you one at a decent price. We are proud of our inordinately friendly and helpful citizens, so don't be afraid to ask directions.

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