Often treated as a cinematic stepchild, shorts must fight a Lilliputian's battle to be seen and respected. Four dedicated programs of shorts are presented at T/F. In addition, we found eight more short films — and four audio shorts presented by our sister, the Third Coast International Audio Festival — that help to give shorts their due. They pack more ideas, imagination and brio than movies many times their size — and demand to be seen.

18 Ans
Raised lovingly by her father, Morgane has turned 18 and faces a crossroads. Her struggle to reconcile her feelings about her absent mother is captured with beautiful tenderness.
Arsy Versy
Lubo watches over the bats, while his mother watches over him. A quirky portrait of a man who follows his own spirit, even if it's a bit "upside down."
Big Birding Day
A bromance involving a particular genus of American men, homo competitivus.
Born Sweet
Oscar-winnng director Cynthia Wade returns to T/F with this moving film about a 15-year-old Cambodian boy who dreams of being a karaoke superstar despite suffering from arsenic poisoning.
Darkness of Day
Using found footage, Jay Rosenblatt weaves a stark yet poignant look at people's choices to end their life. Haunting and beautiful, the film handles a very difficult subject with grace and humanity.
Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No
A hilarious, animated anecdote from Dock Ellis, who tried a little LSD, played a little baseball.
Goldthwait Home Movies
Take a journey behind the scenes of the Goldthwait Home Movies, as Bobcat and his siblings run their commentary on the making of these family moments.
A brief portrait of a deer who thinks he's a cow.
Kinda Sutra
Interviews and animation explore our naïve notions about baby-making. (Plays with The British in Bed.)
Listening to the Silences
A poignant, intimate portrait of a Welsh man who hears voices, featuring his simple and powerful voiceover. "Two people inhabited my head; one was me and one was not me." (Plays with Antoine.)
Loop Loop
A colorful layering of images, this experimental film delivers glimpses of life in Vietnam like a slot machine before our eyes.
Monkey Business
Director Matthew Killip travels the globe, introducing us to some of our furry relatives. (Plays with Cowboys in India, Circo and Greetings from the Woods.)
Mr. Hypnotism
The hard-to-believe story of Ron Dante, con man, outlaw and quite possibly mad genius. (Plays with The Invention of Dr. NakaMats.)
My Name is Sydney
16-year old Sydney is articulate in ways she can never express — a complex woman inside a severely autistic body. Levy captures the sensitive care-giving of her mother and Sydney's artistic musings.
Notes on the Other
Who was Hemingway? This carefully constructed piece looks back on Hemingway's creation of the adventurous writer, inspired by an experience in Pamplona.
One Day After the Tenth Day
From Narges Abyar in Iran comes a brief time in the life of Reza Abdolbab, an old man who cares for a camel. We see street scenes in the old city, a religious ceremony, and a climactic and dramatic processional reenactment of Persian battles.
Photograph of Jesus
A photography archive gets inundated with the strangest of requests, and this film illustrates them with a massively clever animated style. (Plays with Disorder.)
In which we finally find out what's lurking in your pants' pockets. (Plays with Antoine.)
Prayers for Peace
Dustin Grella uses stop-motion animation to reflect on the loss of his veteran brother. (Plays with Rachel Is.)
Love knows no boundaries — even for your parents, as Amy Grappell learns in this subtle, artful reflection.
A portrait of kids hanging out at a swimming hole in 1967. (Plays with It Felt Like a Kiss.)
The Dwelling
On the banks of a Japanese river, engineering men have built makeshift homes. Striking imagery and humorous moments provide insight into their unique lifestyles.
The Space You Leave
A heart-breaking look at the parents of disappeared children and how difficult it is to "understand missing."
Trash Out
A mesmerizing look at the workers who enter foreclosed homes. (Plays with Secret Screening Orange.)
Spectators flock to the India-Pakistan border to watch the countries' flags lower. Three children take advantage of the crowd, hawking DVDs in this stunning slice of life.