The T/F Box Office will be located at 100 S. Ninth St, at the southeast corner of Ninth and Cherry Streets, at the nexus of downtown Columbia and in sight of several T/F venues. Here's what you need to know to get tickets for T/F:

Box Office Hours


We have designated times that you can pick up passes and reserved ticket orders (Weds., Feb. 24, 5pm - 8pm; Thurs., Feb. 25, 9am - 12pm) before the Box Office opens for ticket sales. You will not be able to get additional tickets during these hours. This is for pick-up only.

If you want to exchange or amend your order, or purchase additional tickets for a friend you can do so at 12pm on Thursday when the box office opens for ticket sales (see below for further information).

Your pass will be held for you in the Box Office. You can can't make the Express Pick-up, you can come at anytime during normal Box Office hours.

If you only need to pick up your pass we encourage you to avoid the Box Office on Thurs., Feb. 25, 12pm - 4pm. Although you can pick up your passes during this time, the Box Office tends to be busy with initial ticket sales.

General Tickets Sales/Pass Holder Ticket Exchanges on Thursday

The Box Office will open for general ticket sales at noon on Thurs., Feb. 25. We will start handing out line numbers starting at 9am that morning, as we expect crowds. The line number you receive will determine your place in line at noon. (Box Office staff may give you a rough estimate of your wait time but we cannot guarantee the time it will take for people to move through the line. It is your responsibility to be available to line up when your group is called or the line will move on without you!)

Once you receive your line number you can leave the Box Office and come back closer to noon to line up. For all NRT (No Reserve Tickets remaining) screenings, you will need to Q up at the venue if you would like to see that film.