Often treated as a cinematic stepchild, shorts must fight a Lilliputian's battle to be seen and respected. Four dedicated programs of shorts are presented at T/F. In addition, we found eight more short films — and four audio shorts presented by our sister, the Third Coast International Audio Festival — that help to give shorts their due. They pack more ideas, imagination and brio than movies many times their size — and demand to be seen.

Accidentally Sprayed
A young Colombian filmmaker tells a visually arresting personal story revolving around the US-funded fumigation of his country's coca crops. (Part of Extremities shorts program.)
Bitch Academy
A you-are-there-in-the-classroom session with a strange and charismatic instructor from Russia, who educates women in how to snag a rich oligarch. (Plays with O'er the Land.)
La Caminata
A small Mexican town hosts a "Scared Straight" simulation of the border-crossing drama, and in the process has rebuilt its economy. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
China's Wild West
Jade miners chip away at the austerely beautiful neverlands of China. (Plays with Loot.)
Close Your Eyes and Look at Me
A Muslim woman in Scotland shares her views on wearing a hajib. (Part of Profiling shorts program.)
The Conscience of Nhem En
Shortly before the Khmer Rouge executed 17,000 prisoners, they asked a teenager named Nhem En to photograph them. 30 years later he and three survivors tell their story. (Part of Oscar-nominated shorts program.)
A Different Color Blue
This jazzy portrait introduces us to poet and artist Charles Curtis Blackwell, who lost his eyesight at the age of 20.
This lyrical Super-8 journey reveals the dreams and memories of several blind people. (Part of Extremities shorts program.)
The Final Inch
We journey to the poorest parts of India, where the final battle is being waged to eradicate polio in the world. (Part of Oscar-nominated shorts program.)
First Kid to Learn English in Mexico
A charmer about a problem child's attempts to wrestle with a new tongue. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
Forest to Desert
An audio doodle about this phrase: "Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert." (Third Coast audio short.)
Forty Men for the Yukon
In the northern "outback," we come to know two hardscrabble men, one who runs a gold mine, the other a bar. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
Germans in the Woods
In this animated doc, a haunted vet lingers on the soldier he killed during WW II. (Plays with Secret Screening Red.)
Ghost in the Material
Although in prison, a man's artistic sensibilities allows him to inhabit another world. (Part of Profiling shorts program.)
Glass Trap
Guy Ritchie meets National Geographic, in this balls-to-the-wall look at flashy gangsters with a thing for fighting goldfish. (Part of Extremities shorts program.)
Is That My Imagination?
The story of a mind on strike, with a cameo by Mario Savio of the Free Speech Movement. (Third Coast audio short.)
An animated doc featuring three perfectly true stories about lying. (Plays with Bronx Princess and Tommy.)
Ma Bar
73-year old Bill McFadyen may be getting on in years, but can he still bench press enough to make him Scotland's champion? (Part of Profiling shorts program.)
Orange Bombs
A loving Lebanese couple tends to their orange grove — picking oranges and defusing bombs dropped during a former conflict. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
Roz (and Joshua)
A homeless woman living alone in a car talks about her son. (Part of Profiling shorts program.)
A guy muses on the fears associated with a loved one's body.
Geoff is on a quest to not only cover his body in tattoos, but also to preserve his skin for all to remember him by. (Part of Profiling shorts program.)
In this colorfully animated film, two Sudanese youth share their stories of being abducted for slavery. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
Smile Pinki: A Real World Fairy Tale
A young social outcast with a cleft lip is helped by a visiting plastic surgeon. (Part of Oscar-nominated shorts program.)
Steel Homes
The secret lives of storage spaces. (Part of I Will Survive shorts program.)
Colorfully introduces us to the joyful yet lonely life of a gay guesthouse owner in Havana. (Plays with Bronx Princess and Lies.)
Tongzhi in Love
Evocatively profiles gay men in China struggling to come out, as they balance family obligations and the lives they want to lead. (Plays with Love on Delivery.)
A Transgender Childhood
Growing up isn't easy — when you feel as if your mind is one gender, and your body another. (Third Coast audio short.)
The Witness: Room 306
Only a few men were with MLK in the hours leading up to his tragic death, and in this powerful short we meet one of them. (Part of Oscar-nominated shorts program.)
The World's Largest Shopping Mall
Sam Green (Weather Underground) takes us on a tour of a gynormous mall near Guangzhou, China that seemingly has everything but shoppers. (Part of Extremities shorts program.)